On Winston’s 3rd Birthday

My dear Winston,

You turned three a long five weeks ago and unlike last year when we moved and daddy promoted, this year all I can blame the lateness of this post on is the everyday hum-drum of life which has been oddly busy. I say oddly because 2020 is a weird time where life outside our social bubble is seemingly canceled due to the illness du-jour.

But for us, life is thriving. We see our friends, we play at the park, and we host (and attend) parties of all sorts. This past year, you have grown so much that I, along with many others, forget that you have just turned three, not five. Last year, it was difficult for you to play with new friends without being in direct eye-contact with me or daddy. Today, you can tell us about your many friends and look forward to playing with them–sometimes for hours and only coming in for the occasional snack or potty break. You are excited for your favorite babysitter to come over so mommy and daddy can attend the occasional cocktail party. But, you still like your alone time, though and tell us when you want to sit and look at books or do a puzzle alone.

You love to ride your balance bike or push Declan in the stroller and the first words out of your mouth each morning are, “Where is my Brennan?” It gives me hope that all the rough-housing is actually doing something positive for your relationship! Currently, you want to be an altar boy and a train conductor.

For only being three, I am surprised at how much you remember about your Pop-pop, who passed last year. Despite reverence not being your strong suit, you are always respectful when we pray for his soul and you even lit a candle for him at Mass last week! You are my greatest cuddler which I really appreciate. I know those post nap, “mommy, I cuddle with you” moments will not last forever.

I love you, my sweet Wink,


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