Saying hello, again.

I have debated on whether or not to keep up the blog, because I’m not sure what I say really matters in the long run. I don’t have a fancy degree in theology or other graduate study, I don’t have a super successful side hustle or beautiful ancient home that I am carefully renovating. I think the most exciting thing about me is that I’m not very exciting at all. And I love that about me!

Every once and while, I’ll get some positive feedback by some fellow anti-modernists, or someone asking for info on cloth diapers so it is nice to point them to some of the things I’ve written many moons (or children) ago. I like seeing how I’ve grown as a wife and mother after learning more about my Catholic faith (hello, being actually open to life!). Now since I’ve majorly paired down my IG (minus about 650 folks!) I would love to use this space to put a little of what works for us into the world in hopes that it could help others in the same way that I’ve been able to fine-tune much of my parenting and homemaking skills due to the wonders of women online.

Finally, for future senile 95 year old Jenna and perhaps generations below me (though currently praying for four priests!) I would like to be reminded of the fruits of having a properly ordered life. This is especially true during 2020-the time of Covid (plandemic, perhaps?). It is odd to say that during a time of turmoil for so many, quarantine and beyond has brought my family closer, giving us time together that otherwise would have been spent licking the numerous wounds an Army career has on traditional family life. Covid has reminded us of the immeasurable value of living frugally on one income, eating more sustainably, and educating our children at home. Other than the mess of cancelled Masses, formal events, and the hell that is now grocery shopping, our social lives have remained unaffected. My children have and see more friends than they can count on their fingers; by living mask-and-care-free lives, they are continuing to learn and grow and watching it unfold before my very eyes has been nothing short of an absolute gift.

I hope this teeny tiny space here can show beauty and joy as well as continue on with my angryCatholic musings against novus ordo modernists. That you can cook great meals, keep a clean home, and raise many well-behaved children all without the help of daycare, TV and tablets or a second income. Of course, none of this is done perfectly and you certainly will not be seeing pictures of beautiful food on this site but to show that simply tending to a family is even cooler than working in the world, because, well, you’re raising the world.

Preserve order, and order will preserve you.- St. Bernard

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