On the Rejection of Modernism

By now, my family’s return to the Traditional Catholic faith is no secret. Some folks call it a phase, some call it goofy or “too much” but surprisingly no one has asked what we are turning from— as it is assumed today that there lies a certain amount of relativism within Church walls where one is free to choose his or her own adventure. This ambiguity was one of the biggest problems of the second Vatican Counsel and is arguably the reason why the church faces crisis today. In one group, you have thousands of people leaving Catholicism at alarming rates—rates the USCCB are able to cover up due to their blind devotion to the illegal immigration cause (to the detriment of more important, dogmatic ones). On the other hand, you have growing groups of younger Catholics who, by God’s grace, are pulling their heads out of the video game, sex, and drug addicted culture to see a true need for authentic Catholic tradition—the fire of our Faith. These folks are reading the Church Fathers, not just cherry-picking the poorly abused quotes from Mother Teresa and Saint Faustina. They are waking up to the true problem within the Catholic Church—Modernism. Modernism has found its way into many aspects of Catholic culture—modesty, education, the Mass, family planning, medical care— the list goes on and on. It’s trendy now to be modest—that’s great, but what’s the standard? The Mass you attend is “reverent” (though I sincerely doubt it)—but by who’s standard? The word “grave” has become offensive while Natural Family Planning practitioners help any couple avoid pregnancy, for any reason at all. It’s relativism at its finest—if more people would just open their eyes to see it.

Modernism is a sneaky little demon, truly spoiled fruit of the Devil himself. Modernism tells us that every way can be a right way and capitalizes on “little t” truth (ie: every person can make their own truth). Modernism is the culprit of the political wars and the mommy wars alike, as its primal cry shouts from the rooftops “BE TOLERANT OR WE WILL SILENCE YOU”. Lest we forget, that tolerance is not a virtue at all.

Instead of supporting women by charitably leading them to the right path, we must support ANY path—even if it to the detriment of her spouse, her children, or the life of the child itself… All in the name of “following passions” or “great career move” and my personal favorite oxymoron, “Catholic feminism!!!”. Within Catholic circles, we are crucified for guiding others to the confessional, or reminding them about the state of grace we need to be worthy to receive Christ Himself. Heck, some of us don’t even believe Jesus is God anymore! Churches, desperate for their numbers to rise, pair with Baptist youth groups and Bible studies in the name of ecumenism. Prominent Catholic Instagram bloggers abuse the word, MERCY! and quote random lay women saying “Mercy is the law”—and while yes, God is 100% mercy, He is also 100% just. What favor are we doing our non-Christian neighbor when we omit half the Gospel message? I said it before and I’ll say it again, God will meet us where we are but loves us too much to leave us there. Positive change is a requirement of the practicing Catholic.

I recently read something online that I found encouraging—it was along the lines of “Not today, Satan—not my marriage, not my children, not my family”. It reinforced the changes that Liam and I have made in hopes to ensure the salvation of ourselves as well as our children. I wrote a couple months ago about God pruning our hearts and while I don’t mean for this to be crux of the post, I’m noting a short list of the changes we’ve made to our family life (because I’ve been asked):

  • Exclusively attending the Traditional Mass
  • Traditional (Pope Pius XI) modesty standards ie: no pants or shorts for women
  • Omitting the secular celebration of Halloween
  • Getting rid of secular music on our phones
  • More thorough screening of what the children watch and WHO the children are around
  • Following the original purpose of Natural Family Planning while working with our Priest
  • Not spending any money, under any circumstance on Sunday or Holy Days

Perhaps one day I’ll expand more on those choices, but until then, allow me to leave you with a final remark—while we must take care to speak the Truth in charity, there is charity in Truth itself.

2 thoughts on “On the Rejection of Modernism

  1. Thank you for this article. I grew up in the “new” mass and really had no connection to the traditional mass. Until I moved for a short 5year period to a more traditional area where longer skirts and large families were common. Fortunately I didn’t react the way many do and snub that community. But rather I learned from them and enjoyed their company. My children have been exposed to several good functioning faith filled large families and that’s been a huge blessing. Also, its caused me no end of revelation to my reading choices, video choices, how my small family functions, etc. I can’t say that I go to Latin mass, as it’s an hour away, but I’m interested in the deeper changes that occur on a family/personal level in an effort to be closer to Jesus. So your bullet points on your family changes is very helpful… giving me food for thought. Not that the traditional community is perfect but they are trying for perfection, and well that’s more than can be said about the lukewarm feeling you get out of the new mass.


    1. Absolutely. We are all fallen so we are not perfect but it’s so frustrating to hear people snub Tradition due to human fault. We go and act as we do because it’s the most glorifying to God-not simply trendy! We have also been majorly pruned in terms of reading and video choices. We have a TV without cable, but find that we are continuing to cancel our subscription services and really never watch anything… (though we are renting 1917 tonight- heard it’s good!)


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