On Winston’s 2nd Birthday

Dear Winston,

Two weeks ago, we celebrated your second birthday! I’m sorry this letter is a little late, but in those two weeks we have moved to our dream home, God-willing, our forever home. You have moved three times in your two years of life, but you probably won’t remember them! We are so thankful God led us to this house to raise you in.

Your second year has been lots of fun! You are at the 99% of height and weight and folks often ask if you and Brennan are twins! He still has a good 4 inches of height on you, though! You like to wrestle and play rough, but always are glad to cuddle mommy or daddy after a nap. Your favorite foods are yogurt and ice cream but you will still pretty much eat anything which we are grateful for!

You love playing with your bubble mower and your dump truck and you mastered your balance bike about 6 months ago! You always know how to make us all laugh and are very brave when we take Brennan to his doctors…but a little less brave when we go for you! Thankfully you’ve never had a sick visit and we hope to keep it that way this winter, too!

You sing alleluia all the time and have pretended just about every toy is the Eucharist so we are definitely curious to see what the Lord has in store for your vocation! You will be the first of our children to remember only the Traditional Mass and believe me when I say mom and dad work tirelessly to keep you guys from scandal.

You took baby Declan’s arrival like a champ and love giving him slobbery kisses. You don’t understand what gentle means at all but it’s okay, we’re working on it!

Basically, we wake up every day thrilled that you’re ours. You are a great brother and son and you bring so much happiness and love to our little family. You may be Sir Winkerton to dad, but you’ll always be my Winky.



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