On Brennan’s 2nd Birthday

Dear Brennan,

Today you are two! Every day with you proves to be a new adventure and we are so thrilled to be on it with you.

To recap: you had two surgeries this year–we were able to take down 2/3 of your holes! We are slowing closing in on your tenth and final surgery of this chapter of your life. One that, God willing, will provide us with a few years of “normalcy”.

You also gained a new best friend- your little brother, Winston! We are so glad that you don’t appear to have a jealous bone in your body and joyfully play with your brother every chance you get. He’s the first one you ask for each morning!

We began your first year at Traditional Latin Mass but sadly had to transition back to the New Order. Thankfully your reverence trumps most of the adults we see at Mass so we feel like we’re doing something right. You pray with the Crucifix each night and this Passiontide has really cramped your style (sorry, kid). Tomorrow is Easter so that will be a great day for you (and all of us)! I hope Jesus is always your best friend.

You teach us something new every day while also sanctifying our souls by your toddlerness. I collapse into bed completely exhausted every night yet each morning I find myself eager for you to wake. It’s mighty lonely from 5:30-7 am! There’s so much to teach, so much to share and there is no place I’d rather be than with you and baby Winston.

I am grateful and humbled by this gift of motherhood and pray that I am worthy of the love you so freely give.

We love you,

Mama (&Daddy, too)!

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