#kidneybaby part 5

I was so looking forward to titling this post, #kidneybaby, end of an era–but alas it was not meant to be. 

We arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am feeling confident. Brennan was taken back promptly at 7am. The surgeon ran about an hours with of tests to see how the bladder was doing after not being used for 18 months. He then looked at the films to determine if he could connect both ureters back to the bladder while gaining some insight to his current kidney function. 

When my phone rang at 9:38 I braced myself to hear the news as it was only 2 1/2 hours into the procedure. Sadly, Brennan’s bladder was still too weak and unstable to hold both ureters. The surgeon connected the left ureter and closed him up- total surgery time, only 4 hours. 

While Brennan was in recovery, the surgeon explained that extreme caution was taken to not only protect the bladder, but also the “good” kidney, currently functioning at 50%. (His left kidney hovers around 15% function). He told us that there was a 2/3 chance the bladder would react favorably to the surgery. That 66% chance was not the sure-thing we were hoping for, but the surgeon was pleased with the pre op tests so we will go from there. It is also imperative that the bladder not get any undo stress as we must protect it for the future kidney transplants Brennan will receive in the next 5 to 10 years.

 If Brennan does not react favorably to this procedure, we are looking at long term uses of ostomy bags as well as a reconstructive bladder surgery. 

Brennan is at such an awful age for big surgeries such as these, and woke up scared and in pain. We tried some apple juice which made him projectile vomit 3 times. We finally seem to have gotten that under control and he is finally sleeping in his recovery room. 
Since recovery is so difficult for toddlers we wanted so badly for them to be able to complete the surgery today to spare Brennan more pain — but what is best for Brennan is not usually what is best or what’s most convenient for us. We are both frustrated and confused but choosing to trust in God’s plan for Brennan’s life. Our number one priority is Brennan’s comfort and well being and I am so very thankful for my husband who is completely invaluable to us all. 

We will begin this process over again during the summer months to gear up for surgery #10.

One thought on “#kidneybaby part 5

  1. Jenna, we are so saddened by the pain and sadness your family is going through. Brennan will always be in our prayers. It seems so unfair for a little child to have so much suffering! We have to trust God and pray that He knows best. Much love, Joe&Jeanie❤

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