Winston’s Birth Story

So Winston’s arrival doesn’t have much to it, so I’ll pen it down while it’s fresh in my mind and I only have one, easy, sleepy babe to take care of (24 hour hospital vacation for the win!) 

I went to my 39 week appointment extremely confident; I had been drinking my raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapple and bouncing on the birth ball like it was my job. I ran up until 38 1/2 weeks but switched to walking daily so I wouldn’t be exhausted
the day I gave birth (chasing Brennan around is exhausting enough!) My doctor says, “great news! You are 3cm dilated and 75% effaced! I will plan on seeing you this week.” That in mind, I told Liam to start getting his work affairs in order and eagerly told
our sitter it would be any moment. Monday quickly flew to Friday and no baby in site. The weekend inched by with not so much as a cramp and I was so angry! I was also getting nervous since I was induced so early with Brennan, I had no idea what natural labor
felt like.  

Monday (yesterday) I called to see if I could change my afternoon appointment to a morning one, with the next day being my due date and living in the eternal fire some call Texas, I was ready to have this baby, closely followed by sushi and
a glass of wine (kidding…kind of…). The nurse was kind enough to squeeze me in at 1020. My doctor apologized for getting my hopes up, but told me I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced. He told me to eat a snickers bar and try to nap. Didn’t he know that I
couldn’t sleep more than 45 minutes without losing feeling in a leg, foot, hip, or all three?  

So I go home and attempt sleep. Fed Ex guy wakes me 25 minutes in so naturally I order Chipotle because why not. I hadn’t had any labor symptoms but who is cooking in Texas at 40 weeks pregnant?? (Seriously tell me who). Around 6pm I notice
a mild backache but carrying 30 extra pounds would probably do that to anyone. I tell Liam this may be something but have come to terms with the fact I am going to be pregnant for 2 more weeks because that would be our luck. Mild, mild cramps begin soon after
but go away while watching the epic Game of Thrones episode. 

945ish rolls around and we are praying the Rosary in bed. I ask Liam to feel my stomach since I think it’s getting hard every 5 to 6 minutes but I wasn’t sure. He confirms. I feel not crazy. By the time we are done praying, I tell Liam he better
get a shower because I’m in a bit of pain. I call the sitter (when you live 2000 miles from free family childcare…) and tell her to come around 11. We arrive at the hospital by 1130 (I delivered off the military post due to even the slightest chance Winston
could have had kidney problems) and we walk in. I tell the administrator I’m in labor. She says, “are you sure? You seem a little too okay to be in labor.” I feel crazy again. She calls L&D anyways. 

Amanda the nurse grabs me about 15 minutes later since the administrator assumed I was not in labor. Contractions are now every 3 minutes and painful. It’s midnight. Amanda, using good judgement, decides to check me before putting me on monitor
for 30+ minutes. “Just to make sure you’re not over 7cm or something crazy” she says. “Oh crap. You are 8cm, 90% effaced and at 0 station. You are really having this baby! You need a room!” 

We go to a room where I’m told I have an hour to see where I’m at. If nothing significantly changed, I could get an epidural and go to sleep. If I made it to 9cm, it was going to be go time very soon. I’m now contracting every 2 minutes and
offering up my pain for your intentions! I tell Liam I am not crunchy and want to sleep. The contraction pain was bearable but barely. I feel nauseous. Damn Chipotle. 

An hour passes and nothing really changes. They were able to get the epidural in quickly. I call my mom, then go to sleep. I wake up around 440ish and ask Amanda where I’m at. She asks me to move my legs and my water explodes all over her. She
was a champ about it, but ick. She goes to change and call my doctor who was sleeping in the on call room (he had 7 deliveries this morning poor guy). He comes in and gives me a dad-like pep talk. 5 am comes and it’s time to start pushing. It feels like forever.
It’s been 10 minutes. 6 minutes later I was holding a little Winston in my arms happy as a clam and even was lucky enough to not tear. 

Brennan is smitten in the least aggressive manner he can muster and seeing Liam with another newborn is just a dream. We are set to be discharged tomorrow. We are so thankful for the intercession of St. Dominic, who shares his feast day with
Winston’s birthday and of course for your prayers. They brought us peace, patience, and ultimately the safe delivery of our second precious son.

Winston Henry, 8/8 5:16am 8 lbs, 20 inches.

Babies forever, you guys! (We ain’t done yet)…

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