On Brennan’s 1st Birthday

Dear Brennan,

​Today marks your first year earth-side and we are so thankful for each and every moment with you. Your presence has brought out a fierce yet soft love we never knew existed in us. That love is empowering and awesome, yet scary because we realize that in many situations now and to come we are, indeed, powerless. 

This is why our biggest prayer for you is to know the Lord—not just as judge and Savoir, but as advocate and friend. By the time you read this, you will know that you were made differently than your sibling(s) and your peers, but that does not make you bad or broken in any way. Your kidney function is not something that you will have complete control over and you will surely share our feelings of powerlessness at times but those feelings do not make you weak. They remind you that you are dependent on something greater than yourself or even us. The yearning you feel in your heart, don’t fight it. It is Jesus calling you to mesh your heart with His—and there is no greater gift than that. 

God was close to our hearts when we went through the scary times with your health, and He will continue to bestow His spirit on our family in scary times to come. Your father and I are training ourselves to pray continuously in hopes that you will never have memories of prayer being absent from your daily life. We aren’t doing so to merely begin a good habit, we are doing so because we see the power, grace, and mercy of Christ each and every day.  We know that those answered prayers, no matter how small they may seem, are not coincidental.  

You’re the first kid, and by now you know that much of what we do with you is trial and error and by your third or fourth sibling we’ll have a more fool-proof system. We’re sorry in advance for that. Thank you for bearing with us through the learning curve that is parenting and we will bear with you through your learning curves too.  We promise to provide a stable and safe place for you to grow. We will be stricter than most, but with the understanding it is out of love and devotion to the dignity of family life. You will thank us later, I promise you. 

You are our greatest success and truest joy. 

 All of our love, 

“Maaama” & “Daddeeee”

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