On baby names 

With baby #1, we prided ourselves on keeping the name a secret until he came earth side. It was also incredibly hard and we just don’t have the mental energy to do that this time around! I wanted to let you in on why we named Brennan as we did, and let you in on baby #2’s big (boring) name reveal. 

Baby 1:

Brennan Mackley

Brennan means sorrow. At first, that made us sad and really reconsider the name. We were still undecided when Brennan’s 20 week anatomy scan came back problematic. I learned about Our Lady of Sorrows and consecrated myself to her last Lenten season. She is the only one I can always rely on and relate to when my heart breaks as a mother. I wanted to use my suffering for something good.  Liam and I loved our little guy so much regardless of whatever problems would come our way, and it is our prayer that Brennan will know from his earthly suffering comes great and eternal joy.

Mackley is a family name on Liam’s mother’s side, and his sister Kieran’s middle name. We are close to her and wanted to honor her and Liam’s mom’s family.

Baby 2:

Winston Henry

Winston means town of wine. How freaking cool is that? Liam and I also have a special love of Winston Churchill (who doesn’t?!). Third, we have dear hospital friends whose husband’s name is Winston. These friends have been such an inspiration to us in Christian living and child rearing. We are thrilled to have them to look up to and fellowship with!

Henry just sounded good with Winston, I thought..but then a bit of research later I found that Saint Henry is the patron saint of the pyshically and mentally handicapped. I mean, woah. This child is pretty much destined to be #kidneybaby’s best friend. Our prayer for Winston is that he will always be kind and compassionate through the many medical hurdles set in front of his big brother.

So there you have it! I will probably update this post with each baybay. 

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