Bye Bye to Bitter

This morning I woke up and decided I was done being bitter. It is continually shoved in my face that I am a supposed bigot for holding on to the Catholic values that I WILL be instilling on my family, with the gracious leadership and assistance of my dear husband. I realized that none of the angry, vulgar, and sometimes violent protesters (both yesterday AND today (would you let your kids read those signs?!)) will be held accountable for the blatant disregard of my family’s, or any military/law enforcer/America-loving family’s sacrifice. This is because they are trendy. I am not. But alas I am not political, nor do I claim to know all the valid arguments on either side of the political spectrum so I will quit while I’m ahead.

Anyways, after this realization, I knew I could not look at social media in the same way. This may not be forever, but that’s how it is for now. So while I sign off on Instagram and Snapchat, I can write my pretty little heart out on whatever tickles my fancy. Why haven’t I started a blog before now?!

While pondering a blog name, my husband, Liam, suggested this name as a joke due to being the ears to many of my frustrated rants. But behind those rants, is a heart trying desperately to understand and trudge along follow the narrow path of sainthood (even if it’s on my husband’s coattails). I can promise you that I am working hard on my road rage, to find joy in all circumstances, and not to bore you too much. There will be pictures of babies and toddlers and maybe even some food.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye to Bitter

  1. Love Love Love your post. I just started my blog today , so still navigating this word press site. But your title caught my eye. I am also on that rocky road to Sainthood. Girl let me tell you the struggle is REAL! I gave up FB for Lent and was asked by several friends if I could please start a blog.Hence The Papist Squirrel was born. I will keep you in my prayers and continue to follow your blog. Peace be with you.

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